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Q:  How do members stay informed of club activities and updates?

 A:  We send out a regular monthly News and Notes for upcoming activities.  Additionally, we are on Facebook, Twitter and have a Club on Strava.  And new this year is a Forum on


Q:  I thought the team is called Mission Source.

A:  The official and enduring name of the club is the North Georgia Cycling Association, Inc.  Mission Source is our title sponsor and thus have their logo prominently displayed on our team kit.   o further confuse you, when you race, the team name that we race under is called Team Mission Source – NGCA 


Q:  What do our dues pay for?

 A:  The dues basically pay for the team jersey, the club funded century rides, the club website and the end of the year party.   The board of directors and the club officers are all volunteers.


Q: What is the difference of being on the club team and being on the race team?

 A:  If you are a race team member, you are also a club team member but not vice versa.  Race team members are selected by the board based on their race resume.  In addition to slightly greater benefits such as a greater shop discount, they also have greater responsibilities to maintain good standing on the race team such as working special shop events, complying with the racer agreement and supporting the team hosted race event.

Keep in mind that nothing prevents you from racing if you are on the club team.  In fact, that is how most race team members begin is by racing the entry level races first before joining the race team. 

 Q:  Is NGCA a race team or a club team?

 A:  NGCA is both.   However, we are a club first and a race team second.  At present, the ratio of club team members to race team members is nearly 4 to 1. 

 Q:  I know a company that would like to get involved with a cycling team.  Who should I speak to?

 A.  Speak to Greg Latham or any other one of the Board Members or Officers.


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